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The Most Affordable Smart POS Software

Tired of monthly software payments? Never pay monthly again. Smart POS Software is a most affordable self hosted Point of Sale Billing Software. We’re offering a pay-once lifetime license of Smart POS. Just pay once & forget about paying monthly/annual fees.

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Suppliers
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Invoices

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point of sale system

Point of Sale

The smart point of sale software to increase your sales, and compete with the large brand chains. User friendly design for selling products, different payment options, taxes, discounts, and shipping charges.

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inventory management software

Product Management

With Smart system you can add your products or services, associate prices, taxes, print labels, code references or other properties that you require quickly. Receive automatic low stock alerts.

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multi store pos billing software

Smart Store Management

POS Software comes with the powerful features to manage store smartly. Set tax rates, invoice scheme, invoice layout, and more options.

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pos billing management

Billing Management

Let Smart POS Billing Software generate your electronic quotations, and invoices smartly with discounts and detailed information. Flexible payment options - Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer.

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user management

User & Role Management

Decide who can use what in your Software. You can choose the multi user license and create users with different roles. Easily grant and revoke permissions and protect sensitive business information.

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Point of Sale Software

Do you need more features?

Smart POS Billing Software provides full range of features that help you provide the best possible experience including solutions for reward points as well as supports barcode scanner and thermal printer(ESC/POS).

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Retail Billing Software

Whether you're running a small shop, boutique, restaurant, or food truck, Smart POS Software is made for your business. Start now!

Trusted By The World's Best Brands

All-in-one Smart Point of Sale Software

No special hardware required. Turn your laptop, mobile or tablet into a powerful Point of Sale billing system. Sell in a simple, orderly and fast way from any device.

  • Easy and User friendly point of sale
  • Monitor your business from anywhere and at any time
  • Sell items by serial numbers, product name and scan bar code
  • Search for products by categories and brands
  • Credit, Paid and Partially paid sales. Multiple payment options
  • Add new customer from POS screen
  • Walk-In-Customer added automatically
  • Create discount for products
  • Taxes and Shipping charges
  • Calculator & Keyboard shortcuts

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Keep your inventory always up to date

Inventory Management

Perform simple and accurate inventory counts that help protect your investment and your business capital with updated value information in real time.

  • Create and edit products with images
  • Import products in bulk from an excel file
  • Find and edit products with a friendly and easy to use interface
  • Create and manage the categories of your products
  • Know the stock in real time of each store
  • Automatic low stock alerts
  • Transfer stock from one location to another

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inventory management software

Know the situation of your business in a schematic way and at any time

Reports to help you make important decisions

Online Statistics and Reports

Keep track of the factors that are part of your success and avoid products or services that may cause you losses with reports that are updated in real time.

Check your reports from anywhere and make timely and informed decisions. You can view reports with multiple filters.

  • Sales reports, net profit and buying trends
  • Monitor the productivity and performance of your employees with sales representative reports
  • Reports by product, supplier, customer, stock, expense and purchase payment and more
  • View complete sales history
  • Available at any time and from anywhere
  • Filters by customizable dates
  • Download reports in excel, csv and pdf format

Smart POS Software for All Businesses

It is a full-featured point of sale software for all types of businesses

Retail POS Billing Software

Retail POS Software

Grocery Store, Department Store, Supermarket, Hypermarket, Convenience Store, General Store, Fruits & Vegetables, Liquor Store, Kirana Store POS Software

Restaurant Management Software

Food & Drink

Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Bistro, Fast Food, Food Court, Sweet Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Food Truck, Pizzeria, Bar, Restro Bar, Cake Shop, Bakery POS Software

Pharmacy Software

Pharma & Healthcare

Pharmacy, Medical shop, Health care, Chemists, Druggists, Surgical Store, Ayurvedic & Wellness, Medicine Shop POS Software

Salon Software


Repair Shop, Mechanic Shop, Car Wash, Hair Salon, Barber Shop, Nail Salon, Beauty Spa, Beauty Parlour, Laser Clinic, Makeup Artist, Therapists, Salon POS Software

Fashion  Retail Software

Lifestyle & Fashion

Fashion Store, Apparel Store, Clothing Store, Footwear Store, Beauty Shop, Boutique, Books Shop, Florist, Optical Shop, Stationery Shop, Cosmetics Shop, Fashion Jewelry Store, Home decor Store, Furniture Store POS Software

Computer Hardware Store POS

Electronics & Computers

Electrical Store, Electronics Store, Computer Hardware Store, Camera & Accessories Store, Home appliances Store, Video Games Accessories, Mobile phone Store POS Software


All the features to manage and run your business

Manage all your products, inventories and get your daily profit instantly.

The easiest-to-use point of sale software to increase your sales, better manage your business and compete with the large self-service chains.

gst ready pos billing software

Tax Groups(GST,VAT Ready)

customer loyalty point program

Loyalty Points

payment alert

Payment Alerts

multi currency

Multi Currency

multi language




POS Billing Software

More Than Just a POS Software

Find out how to boost your business with smart point of sale software.

Why your business needs a Smart Billing Software?

The complete point of sale software that centralizes all the functionalities you need

Save time with Point of Sale Software

When dealing with the public, time becomes an important factor. It is well known that no one likes to wait and that no consumer will want to spend so much time waiting for a product or service. That is why it is important to streamline transactions at the point of sale and offer a fast and quality experience to users.

By working with a Smart POS system, your entire company benefits. This is a solution that not only helps reduce waiting times but also allows employees to work easily.

With Retail POS Software, you can track your inventory in real time, rather than seeing the numbers that update hourly or daily like most traditional systems. This includes seeing what items are available, in process, and on order. You can quickly and easily decide how many items you need to order.

Also, if your business is in multiple locations, you can easily check inventory at the other branches. If a customer orders an item that is out of stock where they are, a member of staff can quickly and easily check if the item is available in a different store, this is undoubtedly a great advantage when building customer loyalty.

POS Billing Software gives you the opportunity to control and manage a business from the comfort of your home. In addition to tracking sales, you can also update price orders, generally managing your business.

The biggest benefits of working with a Smart POS system is the ability to access key business data from anywhere, on any device. So all you need is an Internet connection and a browser to be able to log in and see the latest performance metrics for your business, allowing you to maintain full control without having to be on site.

Because each sale is automatically recorded in your business's accounting system, the accounting process becomes less complex. With the use of a point of sale system you can obtain reports and statistics on the behavior of certain products. These analyzes are reinforced with customer preferences (information that the software also records).

For that reason, when carrying out the monthly or quarterly accounting of your company, these reports will make the analysis much more complete and you can build an action plan aimed at obtaining positive results.

You will be able to know which financial strategies are working, and which ones are not. That way, you will know exactly what you need to improve and develop to get more sales.

Technology is a perfect way to improve and develop your business strategies. Especially processes that may require more control and monitoring. Like, for example, the installation of a point of sale system.

Implementing a Retail POS software can be effective, because it facilitates tasks and optimizes customer service. There are many reasons why you want to consider using a point of sale system for your business.

For that reason, we will explain all the advantages and benefits of a POS system for your company.

What is a POS System?

POS is the short abbreviation for point of sale, it is a system created to process sales transactions, purchases and payments, basically. These typically include all the basic functions traditionally found in cash registers, such as displaying prices, including taxes, and generating and tracking invoices; with additional features that will optimize your processes.

However, this tool go a step further, since in addition to allowing sales capture, it connect and feed information in real time to the main processes of the companies, which greatly simplifies administration and the generation of reports.

With a Retail POS software you can store, analyze, capture, manage, analyze your sales and compare data. The benefits of this software are many, you save time and eliminate data duplication increasing efficiency.

With a point of sale you can also manage your inventory and manage your business much better. We have clients from different fields, from small to large, Grocery Store POS, Department Store, Supermarket, Hypermarket, Convenience Store, General Store, Fruits & Vegetables, Liquor Store, Kirana Store POS. Restaurant POS, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Bistro, Fast Food, Food Court, Sweet Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Food Truck, Pizzeria, Bar, Restro Bar, Cake Shop, Bakery. Pharmacy POS, Medical shop, Health care, Chemists, Druggists, Surgical Store, Ayurvedic & Wellness, Medicine Shop. Repair Shop, Mechanic Shop, Car Wash, Hair Salon, Barber Shop, Nail Salon, Beauty Spa, Beauty Parlour, Laser Clinic, Makeup Artist, Therapists, Salon. Fashion Store, Apparel Store, Clothing Store, Footwear Store, Beauty Shop, Boutique, Books Shop, Florist, Optical Shop, Stationery Shop, Cosmetics Shop, Fashion Jewelry Store, Home decor Store, Furniture Store. Electrical Store, Electronics Store, Computer Hardware Store, Camera & Accessories Store, Home appliances Store, Video Games Accessories, Mobile phone Store, among others. There are many advantages to using a point of sale.

What are the advantages of using a POS system?

The main reason to use a POS system is to help reduce costs and increase sales, improving customer waiting times and maintaining good service within your business, leaving immediate results at hand. With a POS system you can get inventory control and many more benefits, which will already depend on the type of software you decide to implement, whether in the smart or traditional.

  • Streamline the collection of your products or services through the automation of sales processes.
  • Keep a total control of inventories and sales, avoiding human calculation errors or unjustified losses.
  • Saving time in administrative processes.
  • Generate automatic reports of all your transactions and consult them at any time for decision making.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering a fast and effective service, without human calculation errors or unwanted waiting.

Nowadays, as a business owner you not only compete with large supermarkets or national chains but also compete with those businesses that already benefit from the use of technology, such as those that use POS Billing Software.

Although today there are dozens of POS System on the Internet, from those that cost less than a thousand dollar to those that are worth 10 times more, the choice will always depend on the needs of your business. however the one you choose an easy point of sale software to use, that is to say that it is not complex, that it has the essential functions for your business. that it does not require you to take a course of several hours, or expensive calls from the training staff, it will have great benefits for your store in the short and long term in time and money.

The best software for this is the Smart POS system, which is a focused on being easy to use, designed for people without computer experience, which will make it easy for you as an owner business and for your cashiers start selling as soon as possible and increase your profits.

That is why today we show you the main advantages of Smart POS system:

Simplicity in business: POS Billing Software has been characterized since its appearance because it offers the possibility for people to carry out essential processes in an agile way and with a minimum error rate if it may exist.

This advantage is applicable to both large companies and even smaller businesses due to the excellent functionality of each of the tools it offers.

Better administration: When you have Retail POS System like this that turns out to be highly functional, all processes get an improvement and therefore you can have reports, closings, cuts, cash counts and more tools and applications in order.

so that the information is available whenever it is necessary to extract it, consult it, or make use of it to raise reports or obtain relevant data. In this way you can know at any time of the day how sales are going or what to expect during the day.

Advanced technology: This is one of the greatest benefits obtained from having this type of Point of sale billing system, in fact it is one of the main reasons why so many companies and businesses have adopted it in their processes and daily work.

Previously, the common thing was that cash registers were used that allowed workers to collect and give change, however, although this could be practical at the time, it did not give the advantages or the information at the moment that today you can have.

In other words, it was not possible to know how many specific items had been sold, especially if there were many variants; Wanting to know this type of information, this took a long time, and the duty of the manager on duty had to be interrupted, which turns out to be very annoying for customers.

Information in the web: Other of the most notable benefits of pos billing software is that the information that is thrown can be easily uploaded to the web so that in this way everything is properly safe and secure, and thus can be reviewed or consulted at the time it is want.

As we know, previously everything was handled based on a large number of papers, which made the information very vulnerable and easily lost, was the victim of theft and plagiarism, or that it was accidentally erased, however today in day this is something that should no longer be dealt with.

In this way, companies that work with this type of smart pos system can do so with peace of mind and knowing at all times that their information is protected and available.

Agility in processes: Thanks to the technology offered by these smart pos system, all processes have now been streamlined and simplified. We live in an era in which people live in a hurry and time is too valuable to waste.

That is why when a person approaches a store or business in search of a product, sometimes they usually take the time that is necessary to choose, or even try on clothes in case it is this type of business, however, once you have the products that you will take, you do not want to wait too long in the checkout line, quite the opposite, you want to continue with your activities and not lose more than five minutes in line.

It is proven that people who do not have time to queue and who have had to wait in business for longer than they had in mind, have decided to opt for other forms of purchase or, to purchase their products in different places.

How many times has it not happened to us that being lined up in line at a supermarket or department store, just before it is our turn, the checkout lady has to make her cut, which is tedious and time consuming.

However, with the point of sale software This process, which is still necessary, can be streamlined without customers having to wait too long in line to pay for their items, and not only that, but by having it you can know in detail which products are the that were sold in each purchase, as well as the total and separate cost of each of them.

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We are very satisfied with the smart pos billing software. Simple to configure and easy to use. A high quality retail billing software with excellent support.
It was a good investment.

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Very versatile pos billing software, without problems with breakdowns and at a very affordable cost. Take on any more expensive software that goes around. Thank you again for all the help!

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ASWT Industries

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa – the Republic of Uganda. We are a Manufacturing company and we had invested a lot of money on automating our sales and stock movement and we had been discarding all the applications as it never met our expectations. We were thoroughly searching for a right solution that would converge all the activities and make data more useful and track every piece of item until it is sold. Smart PoS is a revolutionary application that met all our expectations and all that we wanted to in an application for our use. Though it is an off the shelf application it encompasses every unique operation of our company and every feature that we wanted is available. We have been using this PoS application since November 2021 and it has saved pilferage and increased profitability to over 80%. Thanks to Onclick Technologies. I strongly recommend to buy this application and increase your profitability and keep business operations right on your palm.

Dr.Milka - Managing Director
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Greenbridge Ventures

Greenbridge Ventures is a trading company that deals with multi category products and multi station warehouse or sales points. When we were looking for a solution for one of our manufacturing Industry, our MD came tried several options and no application satisfied his expectation to his fullest satisfaction until he landed on Smart PoS himself, tried it one by one and got fully convinced. We are thankful to Onclick technolgies for their friendly approach and their customer services deserves 100% as each of them who takes up the conversation doesnt waste our time to explain the whole history like most of the other companies who would bleed you to narrate the whole story. It has helped us to achieve efficiency from day one, it is very easy to understand and NOT complicated for all our users irrespective of their educational background and experience. We are extremely satisfied and we are thinking of even becoming resellers in East Africa as we are highly satisfied and are fully convinced that this is a trouble free and hassle free application. Thank you

Karen Paulcina - General Manager
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